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Time Management Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

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If you’ve ever tried to accomplish anything important while at home with your kids, you know it’s a challenge.

Time management is tough. Time management with kids is nearly impossible.

I’ve compiled my best time management tips for all you work-from-home mamas to help you accomplish more in your day.

Taking care of little ones is more than a full-time job, so how are you supposed to fit in extra work time?

Let me help you, mama.

There are so many work-from-home moms – it’s time we start giving you guys a hand.

There are a million reasons you may end up as a work-from-home parent, but I think the number one reason is most likely for financial reasons.

You’re home all day, you’re living on one income, and you want to help support your family financially.

So you start a side hustle.

You begin a direct sales business, you get a job working remotely full or part-time, or you start a blog.

Whatever it is you’re pursuing, you need to know this:

Good for you. It’s noble and good for you to find ways to support your family however you can.

I’ve had my fair share of work-from-home ventures and have dabbled in a few direct sales companies, but I’ve found my heart in this blog.

There have been two things that have really stuck out to me that make this work-from-home gig tough.

  1. Split attention – Feeling guilty for splitting attention between kids and work.
  2. Lack of time – Or really, lack of time management, although it truly just feels like lack of time.

I’ve always felt like I needed a good list of time management tips to help me out, so I compiled this list for you.

What I’ve found is this:

When you implement good time management habits, you knock out two birds with one stone.

Because you have a handle on the time you spend specifically on work, you now have time that you can fully dedicate to your family.

Because you have learned to prioritize your tasks and how long they will take, you spend less time spinning your wheels and more time getting things done.

This is what I want to do for you:

  • I want to help you learn how to manage your time in order to find enough time to accomplish your work and spend quality time with your family.
  • Give you time management tips to help you manage your home and time so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed by all you need to do.
  • Help you develop a steady, consistent schedule of housework, work, and family activities so that you can accomplish what you need to do.

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Why You Need Time Management Tips

If you are a work-from-home mom, you need to practice and master your time management. Otherwise, I’m not sure you’ll really get much done.

Why do you need time management tips?

Because working at home with your kids is HARD. Constant interruptions are HARD. Trying to refocus on a task is HARD.

It takes longer than you think to really settle into a task (approximately 25 minutes), so each time you’re interrupted, your mind resets its’ timer, making it nearly impossible to get anything substantial accomplished when you have a toddler tugging at your sleeve every few minutes.

Being a stay at home mom is the equivalent to working 2.5 full-time jobs according to the New York Post, so to add additional work on top of kids and home and meal planning and finances is such a HUGE undertaking.

The true reason you need time management is that it allows you to spend more quality time with those you love and less time completing tasks.

This is why you need time management tips:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Allow you to be fully present with your husband and kids
  • Improve all areas of your life, such as housework, finances, and even self-care
  • Take control of your day through the use of a daily routine
  • Live your days more intentionally and thus, craft the life you desire

Daily habits and the things we prioritize become our LIVES, so we need to choose carefully the things that are the most important to us and cut the excess.

The true reason you need time management is that it allows you to spend more quality time with those you love and less time completing tasks. #simplequietmama Click To Tweet

Step 1: Brain Dump & Prioritize

This is key to your productivity while working from home.

Without a plan, you’ll waste so much time trying to figure out what you need to do.

Determine ahead of time what you need to accomplish in the week.

Include everything, such as:

  • Appointments
  • Classes
  • Bills to be paid
  • Play dates
  • Placing your grocery pick up order
  • Picking up your groceries
  • Events
  • Cleaning/Home maintenance
  • Calls you need to make
  • All business tasks you need to accomplish

Look at your calendar and try to schedule in each item. Then try to accomplish those tasks each day.

I dive into this entire process deeper in this post. Brain Dump Printables

Step 2: Set Your Daily Schedule

Create a schedule that works with the flow of your day.

Seriously not a morning person? Don’t plan your most vital work time at 5 am.

Can’t seem to stay up past 8:30? Get your stuff done early in the day.

Only you know the natural flows of you and your family. Tune into those things that happen nearly every day and plan the other elements of your day accordingly.

The best place to start practicing time management is with yourself. Choose a few of these that you believe will benefit you the most and put them into motion today.

Utilize your mornings

If possible, wake before your family to get in some uninterrupted minutes before the chaos of the day begins.

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Establish a daily routine

When your mind knows what to expect next in the day, it can relax, which makes it easier for you to focus when you sit down to work.

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Cut out time wasters

When you’re on a deadline, the last thing you need is to open up your Facebook app. Before you know it, the 30 minutes you meant to dedicate to working are gone and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Commit to a digital detox and get your time back. 

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Take time to schedule the next day

Sit down each night and think about the following day.

All it takes is a few minutes to jot down a few notes and what needs to be done and when you plan to do it.

Instead of using exact time blocks, try to be a bit more flexible by scheduling something for “Afternoon” instead of “2:30 pm.”

This allows some wiggle room for your kiddos to be kids.

Control your social media time

Social media is the black hole of free time.

You sit down to scroll just for a minute and find yourself an hour later watching cat videos.

Help yourself by setting a timer or giving yourself a set time in the day when you’ll allow yourself to “catch up” on all your social media.

One task completed

Accomplish something small and quick first thing in the morning to get your momentum going.

This is a great tip if you’re a morning worker. Grab that laptop and knock out something small to get your brain juices flowing.

Stop multitasking

I don’t think there’s any way moms could not multitask, but by dedicating all (or at least most) of your focus on a single task, you’ll be able to accomplish more instead of feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels. Which leads to…

Have dedicated work time

Utilize this time as if you’ve left home and are at an office elsewhere, meaning no playtime, no chats with friends, no social media.

It’s a time to focus on the work you need to get accomplished.

Set timelines

You need deadlines when you work from home, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

When working for someone else, they set timelines and deadlines for you, but when you are your own boss, you have to make sure you’re hitting the timelines that will move you forward and closer to your goal.


Group tasks as much as possible to reduce time spent transitioning.

Step 3: Set a Home Management Schedule

For most, being a work-from-home mom doesn’t negate all of the usual responsibilities of keeping the house clean and preparing meals.

By setting up a home management schedule, you’ll be able to streamline your day and make sure that you don’t lose those precious few minutes of work time to something mundane like washing dishes.

Streamline housework

Create a cleaning schedule so that you know what you’re cleaning and when.

Complete your tasks and don’t worry about the rest.

Simplify meals

Create your menu early in the week so you don’t find yourself at 7 pm on a Thursday grabbing a pizza for everyone… for the second or third time this week.

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Use a timer to get housework done

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to do a specific cleaning task and stop when the timer goes off.

Chances are you’ll accomplish much more than you would have without the timer, and now you have permission to stop.

Delegate tasks

If you can afford a housekeeper, great!

For the rest of us, delegate out tasks to your family members.

Let your husband know how he can help you.

Teach your kids to pick up their own toys and unload the dishwasher.

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

Step 4: Incorporate Moments of Self-Care

Last, but not least, one of the most vital aspects of time management while working from home is making sure you take time for yourself.

It’s easy to burn out when every free moment is spent working.

Make sure to actually schedule some time for self-care so that you’re not put on the back burner.

Make sure you take care of yourself

Take breaks, spend time with your husband, take days/nights off, get a good work out in.

Figure out what you need to thrive and make sure to work it in every single day.

Get enough sleep

Become proactive about your evening and bedtime routines.

Set a time that you’d like to start winding down for bed and stick to it as much as possible.

Understand your limits

Life is about more than a clean house and a completed to do list.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of your family.

The dishes can wait another day.

Don’t work yourself into the ground

Know when to call it a night and spend some time with your spouse, wind down, and take care of yourself.

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Dealing with the Guilt

There’s no reason you should feel guilty for working from home.

I know that’s easier said that actualized, but hear me out.

As women and moms, we carry a huge heavy mental load.

We’re expected to do it all – be the perfect wife, mother, homemaker, scheduler, chef, babysitter, friend, etc.

But the moment we get our laptops out to be an entrepreneur or a writer, the guilt hits hard.

The kids are plopped in front of the tv or playing outside and all you can think about is how you’re a terrible mother for not spending that time with them.

Mama. It’s okay.

It’s okay for them to play independently while you catch up on your work.

They need to see you working. You are teaching them something so valuable.

You’re teaching them that YOU are worth taking the time to do something for yourself. You’re teaching them about the value of working hard for your family and for yourself.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t the easy road. No one is breathing down your neck with deadlines. You are responsible for keeping yourself on track.

Every time your child sees you pushing yourself, holding yourself accountable, showing up for yourself day in and day out… You are teaching them how valuable THEY are by exhibiting care for yourself.

They will learn how to love themselves by watching how you love yourself.

So love yourself. Take time to write, work, rest, play.

Little eyes are watching. What are you going to show them?

Every time your child sees you pushing yourself, holding yourself accountable, showing up for yourself day in and day out… You are teaching them how valuable THEY are by exhibiting care for yourself. They will learn how to love… Click To Tweet

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