Need some space from your phone? It's time for a phone detox.
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Phone Detox: 7 Day Digital Detox Challenge, Part 2

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We’ve covered how to Declutter Your Phone in Part 1 of our Digital Detox Challenge, so now it’s time for the actual Phone Detox!

(If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.)

You’ve decluttered your social media, and now you’re on fire for more. It’s time to put the phone down for a bit and see how much better life can be without that little screen in your hand.

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Quick Recap on Part 1: Declutter Your Phone

Decluttering your phone is all about removing and minimizing distractions so we can spend more quality time with the people we love.

First, we covered decluttering these areas of your digital life:

  • Day 1: Facebook
  • Day 2: Pinterest
  • Day 3: Any other social media accounts
  • Day 4: Email
  • Day 5: Apps
  • Day 6: Notepad
  • Day 7: Photos and Music

Now It’s Time for Your Phone Detox

Before we begin our Phone Detox, you need to identify your desired end result. What do you want to gain from a phone detox? What are you going to focus on? Check out my post on goal setting here.

There are 3 areas that I like to focus on during a phone detox:

  1. Myself
  2. My spouse
  3. My kids

Need to reconnect with yourself? It's time for a phone detox.


When my phone detox is focused on myself, it’s usually due to the fact that I’ve found myself comparing my life to the perfect lives of the people on my friends list. And really, I think we all do that.

But we have to remember that what people present on social media isn’t real life. It’s exaggerated. Romantic. Perfect. Hilarious. Blissful. Easy.

It’s so hard to remember that when you’re sitting in the middle of a pile of stuffed animals and still in your PJs at 4 pm covered in juice and baby spit.

Those are the days I like to take a phone detox, whether it be for a few minutes or a few hours, just to get away from the temptation of comparison. For that reason, I need a chance to see me through my own eyes, not through the eyes of the social media gods.

My Spouse

We definitely have a double standard in our house. Poor Zach.

Due to various direct sales ventures and now blogging, I’m on my phone communicating with people a lot.

He’s very sweet and supportive, so he doesn’t let it bother him much.

On the other hand, I just can’t stand it when he’s on his phone. I know how bad that makes me look. Just trying to be honest, here.

It’s not that I get mad. I get jealous.

So in order to influence by example instead of demanding what I want, I put my phone down for an evening with him.

He always follows suit.

It’s common to take our spouses for granted and to spend more time in social media land than our own messy lives.

Don’t be common. Don’t let your marriage be common.

Do what it takes to be exceptional because it’s totally worth it (and putting your phone down for the sake of reconnecting with your spouse shouldn’t be that hard).

My Kids

We all need space from our kids from time to time, and our phones are the perfect getaway to let our minds veg for a few minutes.

That’s totally fine.

I want you to think about when your kids act out the most. Have you been on your phone a lot? Are you a little short tempered? Is it possible that they’re reflecting what they see in you?

That tends to be the case in our house. The hardest days are usually the result of my own mood or the fact that I’m too distracted.

Therefore, those are the days I have to take a phone detox and reconnect with my kids.

Every little time you check your phone, you’re telling your child that there’s something more important on that screen than them.

Don’t let that be the message they grow up with.

It's time for a phone detox.

Days 8-14: Phone Detox

(You can find Days 1-7 here.)

Just like in Part 1, I want you to customize this challenge to fit what you need most. Do you struggle with ignoring others during meal time so you can scroll Facebook? Are you able to watch a TV show without touching your phone? Are you constantly checking your phone while playing with your kids?

Then it’s time for a phone detox. 

Whatever you do, remember why you’re doing this.

You’re reconnecting with yourself, your kids, or your spouse.

Try to let some of these challenges build on each other, and turn your favorites into habits.

Phone Detox Challenge

Day 1: No phone in the morning

Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning. Give yourself a good 30 minutes before you allow yourself to check it. Take a shower, eat some breakfast, work out – Anything to keep you away from your phone for the first 30 minutes to an hour in the morning.

Day 2: No phone at night

Don’t look at your phone for the hour or two before bed. Try reading a book, watching a show, taking a shower, or hanging out with your spouse. This would be a wonderful opportunity to practice some self-care and implement an evening routine.

Try using a real Alarm Clock and sleeping with your phone in another room. If you have to have it in your room, try using your Do Not Disturb setting so you don’t risk waking up anytime you get a text or email.

Day 3: Experience some quiet

Drive to somewhere quiet. Park. Roll your windows down, and just be. Let your thoughts wander and allow yourself to connect with some emotions. Joy. Grief. Contentment.

Don’t touch your phone. Put it on silent, throw it in your bag, and toss it in the back seat.

Give yourself 30 minutes to get back in sync with yourself.

It’s too easy to lose who we are when we deny ourselves the chance to think. It’s easy to suppress our thoughts and emotions with the mindlessness of our technology. Don’t let that happen.

Day 4: No phone at meals

Try experiencing an entire day without touching your phone at meal times. Whether the people around you are on their phones or not, take that time to try to connect with others, or just simply take those few minutes to read a book or get back in sync with yourself.

Talk to your spouse.

Talk to your kids. Even the little ones enjoy hearing mama babble about anything under the sun.

When you try this at a restaurant, look around and notice how many people are on their phones instead of connecting with the people they’re eating with.

Day 5: No phone during play

Whether it’s a family fun day or just your daily LEGO time with your kid, put your phone away and don’t look at it. You’ll be amazed at how much more present you’ll be, and how that makes things so much more fun.

Along these lines, try to keep your phone put away in your purse while you’re out with your friends. Be the one that shows a genuine interest in those around her. No one likes talking to the back of an iPhone.

Try watching a show or a movie without playing on your phone. If your hands need to fidget (I’m so guilty of this!), learn a new craft or pull out a project to work on.

Day 6: Set a time limit

Today, pick a time limit and only allow yourself to fiddle on your phone during that allotted time. You can split it up throughout the day, but try to keep it under an hour or so for the entire day. Can you do it?

Day 7: No phone

Finally, the ultimate challenge – can you go a full day with no phone? No games, no social media.

Turn your phone off and see how far in the day you can get without it.

Are you anxious? Maybe you need to take a phone detox more often.

Don’t be a slave to your technology.

Take control.

You can do this.

Phone detox challenge

How Did You Do?

You’ve decluttered and you’ve detoxed, so how did you do?

Was it difficult? Or was it easier than you anticipated?

Did you reconnect with those around you?

Did you feel uncomfortable?

Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what insights you’ve gained!

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