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33 Can’t Miss Organizational Hacks for an Easier Morning Routine with Kids

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The alarm goes off. You jump out of bed. The kids are still asleep and the race with the clock begins.

All semblance of a working morning routine with kids goes out the window.

Your checklist starts running through your head:

  • Lunches made
  • Everyone dressed
  • Last night’s homework checked and signed
  • Books back into backpacks
  • Throw extra diapers in the diaper bag

Before long, you’re yelling at your oldest to get their shoes on while the youngest is crying for a bottle.

You thought this would be the year that you had mornings under control, but it takes preparation to make that happen.

Your morning routine with kids doesn’t have to be hectic.

In fact, by implementing just a few of the organizational hacks below, your mornings will begin to run a little smoother.

All it takes is a little bit of planning, a little bit of preparation, and a dash of commitment.

Although, once you see how much easier your life is after you’ve implemented these hacks, I don’t think you’ll have any problem sticking to them.

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Benefits of Organizational Hacks for Smoother Mornings

It takes time to set some of these organizational hacks into motion.

Some of them take routine maintenance – daily, weekly, monthly.

Some of them you can nearly set and forget.

The time it takes to maintain the organization necessary to keep your mornings running smoothly is nothing compared to the stress of running around without a plan or strategy.

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to establishing a good morning routine before school or daycare, and kids desperately crave a good daily routine.

The time it takes to maintain the organization necessary to keep your mornings running smoothly is nothing compared to the stress of running around without a plan or strategy. #simplequietmama Click To Tweet

Check out some of the benefits of implementing just a few organizational hacks into your morning routine:

Reduces stress for everyone

Mom doesn’t have to yell and the kids know exactly what’s expected.

Everything is where it is supposed to be which makes searching for homework or a lost shoe a thing of the past.

Teaches kids valuable skills and habits that they’ll carry into adulthood

Childhood isn’t kept in a container that’ll keep all of our bad habits in the past.

What your children learn now they’ll carry into their adult lives.

Help them with punctuality and planning now and they’ll thank you for it later.

Easier to keep up with deadlines when you’re intentionally on top of your schedule and routine

No more missed deadlines when you keep up with the family schedule in a centralized location.

Regular meetings about practices, work schedules, and plans will keep everyone on the same page about who needs to be where and when.

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Create a Command Center

Parent Command Center for Busy Moms by Aileen Cooks

What I love most about this Parent Command Center for Busy Moms by Aileen Cooks is that the focal point is on the family calendar.

While so many love to work with a Dry Erase Monthly Calendar displaying only one month at a time, I love that this system allows the entire family to make plans months in advance and know that once it’s on the calendar, it’s set!

You can find a similar Wall Calendar on Amazon here.

Easy DIY Command Center by Simply September

While I adore the use of a centrally located empty wall for this Easy DIY Command Center by Simply September, the part I love the most about it is intuitive and simple-to-use grocery list (located at the bottom center).

You can find the instructions on how to create this super simple list here.

By creating your own paper list that’s easy to tear, it makes mornings on-the-go so much smoother.

You can simply tear off your grocery list on your way out the door without having to put too much thought into creating a list or copying one down from a dry erase board list.

Encourage your kids to utilize the list, too, as they run out of foods for snacks and lunches, or even when they need school supplies for a project.

Family Command Center by See Vanessa Craft

This adorable Family Command Center by See Vanessa Craft is such a great use of space in a small area. Vanessa has created this space in her laundry room so that it’s seen every time she and her family enter their home through their garage.

I love the pops of color!

Make mornings a breeze by adding a basket for home goods next to your command center with items such as umbrellas and an extra ice scraper.

Adding baskets below the bench for shoes will make it easier for all your kids to easily find their shoes for the day and get out the door on time.

Family Command Center by The Yellow Cape Cod

This simple and effective Family Command Center by The Yellow Cape Cod is amazingly versatile.

Use the chalkboard for daily to-do’s for each family member, reminders, questions, or notes of encouragement.

Each family member has a tote bag which can be used to prep for the following day.

You can easily pack each tote with:

  • Outfit for the day
  • Extra clothes for extracurriculars
  • Snacks
  • Love notes and encouragement
  • Lunch money
  • Books or papers to be taken to school

Paper Organizer from Pinterest

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our kid’s papers from school.

This simple organizer can help you and your kids keep track of what’s what.

Your kids can drop off any graded papers in the top section, papers that need attention into the middle section, and can grab papers from the bottom section to take back to school.

It’s a super simple way for kids and parents to communicate on their own time tables.

Get a Wall File Set like this one from Amazon or use a cute Magazine Rack instead.

School Paper Organization by Lindsay’s Sweet World

If you’re sentimental like me, it can be really tough to throw away anything your kids bring home, but I love how this School Paper Organization by Lindsay’s Sweet World simplifies the organization of those keepsakes.

While this doesn’t necessarily affect your morning routine, it has a major impact on dealing with all of the papers that come home with your kids.

Having a system in place to store the papers you want to keep at hand will make life easier and will create a neat keepsake for your kids once they graduate.

Find the tutorial on how to make your own here.

Clothing Organization

Days of the Week Labels by FinePrintsDesign

Print out these Days of the Week Labels by FinePrintsDesign to create simple drawers to lay out outfits for each day of the week.

Once outfits are chosen, even the smallest kiddos can get into the drawer of the day and start getting ready for the day.

Who doesn’t love a morning with no arguments over who’s wearing what?

Day of the Week Bins by Ooh Lah Lah Designs

Looking for a simple way to organize outfits for each day of the week in the cheapest way possible? Try these Day of the Week Bins by Ooh Lah Lah Designs.

They’re literally just dollar store bins for storing outfits for each day of the week.

Fill them up at the beginning of the week with all necessary items and let your kiddos grab their bin and get dressed before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

Win win.

Organized Outfits for School by The Sunny Side Up Blog

Need a solution that’s even easier than dollar store bins?

Look no further.

These Organized Outfits for School by The Sunny Side Up Blog are easily put together using a simple solution: a ziplock bag for each day of the week.

The Ziplock bags contain each day’s accessories, including underwear, socks, hair accessories, and jewelry.

Simply choose the outfits ahead of time, fill the bags, hang up, and watch your mornings glide by a little easier.

Kids Hanging Closet Organizer Printables by Make Life Lovely

These Kids Hanging Closet Organizer Printables by Make Life Lovely make finding outfits each morning a cinch.

Use closet organizers to keep outfits organized by day so that your kids can easily grab and get ready.

No more digging for clothes in the laundry basket!

Closet Organizer by The Sunny Side Up Blog

Another simple solution by The Sunny Side Up Blog: Use a closet organizer to prepare outfits for the week. (affiliate to one on amazon)

Easily fits shoes, accessories, socks, underwear, jewelry, and even a light jacket.

Grab a Hanging Closet Organizer from Amazon here.

KonMari Method Folding by The Teacher’s Wife

Last but not least, learning how to fold your clothing using the KonMari method will make choosing outfits for the week a breeze.

Learn how to use the KonMari Method of Folding by The Teacher’s Wife here.

When your clothing is organized using the KonMari Method, you’ll be able to see all of your options at a glance without having to dig through piles of clothing.

To read more about the KonMari Method, pick up your own copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo on Amazon here.

Accessory Organization

Craft Box Organizer for Hair Accessories by The Idea Room

If you have little girls, you know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by alllll the hair accessories.

This Craft Box Organizer for Hair Accessories by The Idea Room is the perfect solution to all of those tiny hair bands and barrettes.

You’ll shave off minutes of getting ready just by having them sorted by color and ready to go.

Keep them organized by color using a Craft Box like this one from Amazon.

PS – This is a great idea for travel, too!

Elastic Band Holder by Being Creative to Keep My Sanity

In our home, elastic bands are easily lost and often cause us to be late when I have to look high and low to find a few to use that day.

This Elastic Band Holder by Being Creative to Keep My Sanity is so simple and will make getting ready in the morning go so much quicker!

Grab a pack of Binder Rings on Amazon here.

This one is also great for travel – just throw your ring of elastic hair bands in your bag and you’re set!

Unicorn Bow Holder from Pinterest

For you crafty mamas and daddies out there, this is an adorable way to display all of your little girl’s bows.

Get creative with this one!

Use colors that make your daughter(s) happy and adjust the length of the mane to fit the amount of bows you’ll have on display.

Having the bows on display like this makes it incredibly easy to find just the color you need to match an outfit.

You won’t ever lose time in the morning digging through drawers of bows ever again!

Hair Station by Productive & Pretty

Drawer organizers can make mornings a cinch, especially when you use one to create a Hair Station like this one by Productive & Pretty.

Getting ready is so much easier when everything you need is at your fingertips.

Organize all of the little clippies, barrettes, hair ties, combs, and any other small accessories in a simple drawer organizer to keep everything in once place and easy to find.

Grab a Drawer Organizer like this one from Amazon and give all the essentials their own spot.

Bow and Accessory Drawer from Instagram

For the parents of the fashionistas, this accessory storage solution is the answer to your prayers.

Use Drawer Separators (like these from Amazon) to create sections for bows, sunglasses, goggles, gloves, jewelry, and anything else your little fashionista collects.

Meals and Food Hacks

Meal Planning Printable by Gathering Dreams

Use a simple Meal Planning Printable like this one from Gathering Dreams to simplify mealtime for the entire week.

At the beginning of each week, or even each month, sit down and fill in what you plan to feed your family.

Use your meal plan to create your grocery list and bam!

Simplified mealtimes.

Build Your Own Lunch by Eazy Peazy Mealz

Teach your kids to Build Their Own Lunch by using this method from Eazy Peazy Meals.

Label the boxes with what they contain and how many items can be chosen from the box.

Then fill them up each week with healthy choices and let your kids put together their own lunches each morning.

It saves you time and teaches your kids a bit of responsibility.

Grab and Go Breakfast Bins by Beneath My Heart

Keep your pantry organized by creating simple Grab and Go Breakfast Bins like these from Beneath My Heart.

By keeping all of your breakfast items in the same area of your pantry, you’ll save time by not having to dig to find that last packet of oatmeal.

Grab some Hanging Storage Baskets from Amazon here.

Routine Reminders

DIY Craft Paper Memo Board by The Owner Builder Network

This amazing DIY Craft Paper Memo Board by The Owner Builder Network is a fantastic way to keep up with family reminders in a big way.

This heavy paper is great for using markers to write reminders, love notes, and doodles.

Simply tear the used paper off from the bottom and pull down a fresh sheet!

Make your own for a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-made one or grab your own Small Craft Paper Memo Board from Amazon here.

Find the DIY tutorial here or watch the video below.

Tear-Away Scroll Note Pad by Food52

Similar to the project above, this Tear-Away Scroll Note Pad by Food 52 is absolutely perfect for creating grocery lists on the go.

Add one to your command center and keep track of all your notes in one centralized location.

Custom Dry Erase Board by Show Me Suburban

This easily Customizable Dry Erase Board by Show Me Suburban is so versatile and a perfect way to let family members know important info before it’s forgotten in the bustle of the morning routine.

Add one to your command center for quick family reminders.

Place one in each child’s room for love notes, reminders, encouragement, or let them use their own for their own needs.

As they grow and watch how you use these boards, they’ll adopt similar habits to carry into adulthood.

You can find cute Photo Frames from Amazon here and Dry Erase Markers from Amazon here.

Morning Checklist Printable by Create Craft Love

What better way to help your child grow their independence and confidence in their morning routine than by using a Morning Checklist Printable like this one from Create Craft Love!

Place it in your customizable dry erase board (above), add a dry erase marker, and you’re set!

Take a few mornings to make sure your child understands the routine and then encourage them to start following it on their own.

Each task your child can accomplish independently saves you a little bit of time in the morning.

Morning Motivation Chore Charts by The Crafting Chicks

I adore the simplicity of these Morning Motivation Chore Charts by The Crafting Chicks!

Each child has their own chart of tasks that need to be done each morning and evening.

For each “Done” item, they receive a point to put towards a reward at the end of the week!

I love the combination of responsibility and reward, as well as improving the independence of each child.

Because the more independent your child, the less you have to try to fit into your own morning routine!

Morning Routine Chart Printable by Hey Donna

If you like to keep things simple, grab a copy of this Morning Routine Chart by Hey Donna, print it off, and post it somewhere visible to your kids each morning.

Again, the less you have to do for your kids, the smoother your mornings will be!

Home Hacks

Entryway Baskets by 1111 Light Lane

So I have to admit that the post above isn’t about backpack organization, but this Entryway Basket Inspiration by 1111 Light Lane was just so beautiful I had to share it with you (along with a dash of practical organization!).

My sister-in-law is amazing at decorating and used to have an entryway similar to the one in the pin above, but there was one vital difference.

The baskets she used served the purpose of storing her kids’ backpacks once they got home from school.

They could easily step in the door, drop their school things off into their own individual baskets, and her home was kept gorgeously picked up without any extra effort.

Slim down the stress of your morning routine by creating a space in your home to house your kid’s school items so that it’s all kept together.

It’s easier on them and it’s easier on you.

Pick up your Woven Wicker Baskets from Amazon here.

Homework Caddy by The Sunny Side Up Blog

Make homework time simple with a Homework Caddy like this one from The Sunny Side Up Blog.

I love that this simple little caddy can be carried to wherever your child chooses to do his or her homework.

Another bonus of having a caddy like this in your home?

It’s always easy to grab supplies at the last minute as you leave the house.

No more rummaging for pencils in the back of the junk drawer!

Grab a similar Wooden Caddy from Amazon here.

Car Organization

Car Trash Can by HGTV

When you’re on the go in the morning, the last thing you need to worry about is trash filling up your vehicle from breakfast bars, gum wrappers, school papers, or any other miscellaneous trash that ends up riding along with you.

Get yourself a Cereal Container (like this one from Amazon) and create your own Car Trash Can like this one by HGTV.

It’s much easier to keep your car clean when you’re only emptying a single bag of trash versus fishing for all those little scraps of paper all over your car.

Pro tip: Keep a small stash of plastic bags in the very bottom of the container so that when you throw one bag away you’ll already have a replacement bag ready to be put in.

Kid Command Center by HGTV

One of the most simple, yet effective things you can do to create a smoother morning routine with kids is to stock your vehicle with helpful and necessary items for your kids (and yourself).

Create a Kid Command Center like this one from HGTV by using a Hanging Car Organizer (like this one from Amazon) and stocking it with items such as:

  • Snacks
  • Extra cash for drinks or snacks
  • On-the-go breakfast items
  • Extra pens and pencils
  • A book
  • A notepad
  • A few bandaids
  • Cards or games

Makeup Bag Emergency Kit by HGTV

Every parent needs an emergency kit stashed in their car.

This Makeup Bag Emergency Kit by HGTV is an ingenious way to create your own simple, customizable emergency kit.

Simply fill a Makeup Bag (like this one from Amazon) with items such as:

  • Bandaids
  • Gauze and gauze tape
  • Alchohol wipes
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Scissors
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Nail clippers/file
  • A few bobby pins and hair ties
  • Small flashlight
  • Extra phone charger

Keeping an emergency kit like this on hand will ensure that those odd little accidents don’t turn into a big fiasco.

Shoe Holder Hack by Kids Activities Blog

This is probably the ultimate hack in car organization.

This Shoe Holder Hack by Kids Activities Blog is a brilliant way to make your mornings run smoother by ensuring that nearly everything you may need is already stocked and ready in the car.

The large pockets of the shoe holder allow you to pack items of different shapes and sizes with ease while still providing easy access to all of them.

Hang one or two in the back of your car and fill it with everything you need for mornings, extracurriculars, and a set of spare clothes for everyone (just in case).

Grab your Hanging Shoe Organizer from Amazon here.

Pouch Organizer from Pinterest

Another simple way to make sure that you’re always prepared on those mornings with your kids in tow is to create a pouch organizer.

Fill each pouch with your necessities, label them, and you’re good to go.

Ideas for pouches:

  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • Spare clothes for each child
  • First aid kit
  • Snacks/On-the-go breakfast
  • Extra cash/change
  • Extra school supplies (pens, pencils, etc.)

Grab a set of Zip Pouches similar to these from Amazon here.

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Add a Few, Enjoy the Result

Now that you have some inspiration and tips, what are you going to do with it?

Nothing will happen unless you take action.

Choose a few of the organizational tips above, implement them, and start enjoying the benefits of smoother, less stressful mornings.

If you’re serious about really cultivating an incredible, customizable, and beneficial morning routine, check out these posts:

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For more about organizational hacks for a smoother morning routine, check out my Pinterest board: ORGANIZATION HACKS

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