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A Guide to Relationships

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Why Relationships Matter

People want to make a difference and an impact in this world. Productivity helps you create the time in your schedule to spend with others. Personal development conditions you to be the change you want to see in this world, but the difference is made when you are able to touch the lives of others around you.

Through relationships, you influence how others think and feel. You motivate them to view the world differently, to practice personal development, to be more productive, and ultimately, to influence others as well. Ripples in a pond have to start at their epicenter; that’s you.

It all begins in the home. You can’t change the world overnight, but you can start changing your world by focusing on cultivating relationships with your spouse and your children. Being intentional with the way you approach your spouse and your parenting can make a world of a difference in your home life, both for them and for you. Your initiative can make your home a safe harbor for your family; a place where love is the standard, mistakes made while learning are celebrated, and appreciation is the norm.

Simple Relationship Tips

  • Communication is key! Communicate often every day
  • Communicate about how you communicate
  • “Seek first to understand, THEN to be understood.” -Dr. Stephen Covey
  • Learn about “love languages”, both your own and your family’s
  • Put your phone/screen/tablet down!
  • Make quality time with people a priority

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