The ultimate fall bucket list to help you get the most out of your holidays.
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Fall Bucket List: 98 Ways to Enjoy Fall

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As the weather starts turning and the evening starts getting darker a little earlier, there’s something that just makes my soul happy.

I throw on my favorite PJ pants, grab a cup of hot tea, and pretend it’s cold before it actually turns cold (because I live in Texas, y’all, and it just takes us a while to catch up when it comes to cold weather).

Fall is marching band and football season and big cozy blankets.

It’s watching Hocus Pocus and eating pizza.

It’s bare feet on hay bales, and freezing on Halloween night, even though you were in a t-shirt earlier that day (yeah, Texas is weird when it comes to fall).

Fall is the time to make memories.

My favorite memory of our fall last year was taking our little girl to the pumpkin patch. She was dressed for cold weather, and it ended up being so hot. We were all sweating and she got to run around in a t-shirt and barefoot, instead of in the cute outfit we’d brought for her. Hey, you make do and enjoy the moment.

This year we have two little ones with us, and while the youngest doesn’t know what’s going on yet, our oldest is finally reaching a point that she does kind of “get it.”

So this year we’re making a bucket list, and while we may not be able to knock out everything on this list, I hope you find some inspiration to help you make the most of this fall for you and your family.

And before we dive into this list I just want to say one thing:

Remember to take pictures.

Time passes so quickly. Make this a fall to remember.

98 incredibly fun things to do this fall. Add these to your fall bucket list.

100 Fun Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

1) Go to the pumpkin patch and get some amazing family pictures

Get out there, have fun, make memories, and play photographer for the day!

2) Let your kids play in the hay

Every little kid needs to experience what it’s like to run around barefoot in the hay.

3) Paint pumpkins

Check out this post for some painting inspiration. My favorites are the little donuts!

4) Carve pumpkins

Make a family night out of carving pumpkins!

5) Host a pumpkin carving party or contest

Get some friends together and see who can make the most creative pumpkin!

6) Let your kids finger paint a canvas outside in the nice weather

Let them use their whole bodies and encourage them to use pieces of nature to paint, such as pinecones and leaves.

7) Go on a hayride

Surrounded by friends on a bumpy trailer filled with hay hooked up to the back of an old truck.. the only thing that can make it better is some good ole’ popcorn.

8) Dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating

Even if your kids are a little too young, you can still enjoy getting out for an evening walk and seeing all of the costumes!

9) Watch Hocus Pocus

Can anyone really make it through fall without watching Hocus Pocus?

10) Watch a scary movie

Dim the lights, hide under a blanket, and prepared to be scared!

11) Go to a Halloween party

Whether it be a kid’s Halloween party or adults only, have fun dressing up and grabbing some yummy snacks.

12) Fill your home with fall smells

Use a scented candle, essential oil blends, or try some of these DIY scents. 

13) Open the windows

Cleanse your soul by letting some fresh air into your home.

14) Take a walk

Whether you’re alone, with your spouse, or with your kids, taking a walk in the fall is just the best.

15) Crunch leaves

Let your inner kid reign and crunch all the leaves everywhere you walk!

16) Enjoy coffee cake for breakfast

This was always a big treat for me in my childhood, and I love associating it with fall.

17) Drink coffee, wrap up in a blanket, and read a book

Grab that book off the shelf you’ve been meaning to read for ages and get to it.

Curl up with your favorite coffee and book and enjoy this fall bucket list.

18) Eat homemade soup

Try this Rich & Savory Pumpkin-Thyme Soup.

19) Cook something warm and hearty in the crockpot

Like this Fast & Easy Crockpot Venison Goulash.

20) Spend an evening at Starbucks alone or with friends

Take a kid-free evening to splurge a little on some coffee and a good book, or better yet, enjoy it with a few friends.

21) Rake leaves

So yes, this is yard work, but there’s something about it that can really refocus your mind on the season and calm a busy mind.

22) Cook something from scratch

Like this Pumpkin Puree.

23) Make apple cider

Try making your own Mulled Apple Cider.

24) Drink hot tea

While my favorite is a mug of Bigelow Earl Grey Tea, you just can’t go wrong with any flavor of hot tea.

25) Drink coffee

Cool air, hot coffee… Need I say more?

26) Sit outside when it’s raining

Leave your phone inside, and just listen to the rain.

27) Watch a movie in bed

Cuddle up in all of your favorite pillows and blankets with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy some movie time.

28) Go to a fall festival

Always a fun family activity!

29) Go to a professional pumpkin patch

These make for amazing pictures!

30) Go to a local pumpkin patch

There will likely be fewer people at a local pumpkin patch if you want to avoid the crowds.

31) Get some fresh air

Walks, painting, picnic, it doesn’t matter, just get outside!

31) Go apple picking

Then bake some apple pie!

32) Bob for apples

Looking for a Bucket? Here’s one you can use for a ton of different things:

33) Eat a caramel apple

You can even make your own! Check out this post for ideas!

34) Pumpkin spiced everything

Candles, coffee, muffins… and smoothies! Try this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie!

35) Wear your favorite sweater

There’s nothin’ better baby, do you like my sweater? 

36) Go to a football game (and cheer for the band at halftime!)

It’s just not fall if you don’t make it to a football game.

37) Decorate for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween

Check out this post for some fall decor inspiration.

38) Make a wreath for your front door

Here are 20 Stunningly Beautiful DIY Fall Wreaths you can make this season.

39) Fall crafts for kids

Check out this post for over 30 Easy Fall Kids Crafts.

40) Make your kid’s Halloween costume

Here are some Cute Halloween Costumes for some inspiration!

Make your own costumes for Halloween this year and mark it off of your fall bucket list.

41) Make your own Halloween costume

Here are 50+ Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Quickly DIY.

42) Create a family costume

Check out Halloween Costumes That are Perfect for Families with Young Kids.

43) Have a campfire/bonfire and roast marshmallows

A campfire and roasted marshmallows just screams fall. Leave the phone at home and reconnect with nature a bit!

44) Cuddle up with someone you love

While this is amazing to do year-round, it’s just better when it’s cold outside.

45) Make a pie

Apple pie, pecan pie, apple butter pie, cranberry cheesecake pie, pumpkin pie…

46) Wear your favorite scarf

Pull out your favorite scarf, wrap up, and take it along for the rest of your fall bucket list.

47) Enjoy some fresh local produce from your farmers market

Support your local farmers and enjoy some fresh produce by hitting up your local farmers market.

48) Take a bike ride

Renew your spirit with some fresh air, or gain some laughs if it’s been a while since you’ve been on a bike!

49) Visit a haunted house with friends

For those of you who think it’s fun to be scared, grab a few friends and go visit a haunted house!

98 incredibly fun ways to enjoy your fall this year. Start your bucket list today.

50) Horseback riding

If nature is more your thing, horseback riding is the perfect way to view the gorgeous colors of fall and reconnect with nature.

51) Collect pinecones and use them for decoration

Check out this post for 14 Easy Pinecone Crafts.

52) Pull out your favorite fall boots

Is it really fall if you don’t wear boots?

53) Look at the stars while curled up in a blanket

This would make for a romantic date night! 😉

54) Bake cookies

Invite your kids to help you bake some cookies! They’ll love getting to dump and mix ingredients, and they’ll love getting to eat the cookies even more.

55) Keep a gratitude journal

What better time to start a gratitude journal than Thanksgiving season? Start one now to get your mind and heart in the right place before Thanksgiving. I like using a Leuchtturm 1917 journal.

56) Spend some time alone and listen to the breeze

Silence your phone and reconnect with yourself.

57) Go through a corn maze

What a festive way to bring in the season!

58) Take a scenic drive

Enjoy all of the beautiful colors and sights.

59) Drink a seasonally flavored latte

Hit up your favorite coffee shop for your favorite seasonally flavored coffee.

60) Shop for Christmas gifts

‘Tis the season to start preparing for Christmas! Get your shopping done early so you won’t be stressed after Thanksgiving.

61) Cuddle up by a fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, take advantage of the warmth and hygge it brings to your home.

62) Make preserves

These make for great gifts!

63) Eat Candy Corn and Mellowcreme Pumpkins

Or add them to your favorite festive dessert. Yum! 

64) Drink hot chocolate

Always a winner for cold weather!

65) Make popcorn balls

Check out this post for a yummy Caramel Popcorn Balls recipe!

66) Play backyard football

The perfect fall sport to play with friends.

67) Go hiking

Hike a new trail or path, enjoy the falling leaves, and take in some fresh air!

68) Visit a new park

Your kiddos will love this one! Ask a friend and her kids to join you for a fun day in a new place!

69) Read outside

Fresh air, natural light, and a good book… what could be better?

Create your own fall bucket list for your best fall yet.

70) Family game night

With the weather getting colder, what better way to reconnect with loved ones?

71) Game night with friends

Pick out some fun, goofy games and spend the evening laughing it up with your favorite people.

72) Make Rice Krispie treats

Make the original recipe, or make them festive! Try out this recipe for Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats!

73) Make your own scarecrow

This could be a great porch decoration or even a fun kid’s craft.

74) Make cinnamon play dough

Your kids will love the sensory experience of this delicious smelling play dough. Find the recipe here.

75) Create your own trail mix

Here are 20 Recipes for your trail mix inspiration, or just throw together a bunch of stuff you love!

76) Pay for someone’s coffee

This is such an easy way to pay it forward with a little kindness. Such a simple act can really make someone’s day (and it’ll make you feel great, too).

77) Donate some school supplies / Do something kind for a child

Consider taking some school supplies to your local school, donating coats and mittens, or even paying for meals for a child or two to last them through the end of the year.

78) Rewatch your favorite fall show

For us, that means watching The Walking Dead and Stranger Things!

79) Work on a puzzle that will take you several days to finish – try to do it near a window

This is an awesome way to get away from your phone, pop in your favorite Halloween movie, and enjoy the leaves falling in your own yard.

80) Knit a scarf, mittens, or blanket

Fall is the perfect weather for working on cold weather projects.

81) Learn to knit

Now is the time to sit down and learn a new skill! Knitting is the perfect way to keep your hands busy while curled up in a blanket watching a movie.

82) Learn to crochet

Add to your repetoire of skills and learn to crochet! It’s another fun way to keep busy while binge-watching The Walking Dead for the 12th time.

83) Read a thriller

If you’re not into watching scary movies, try reading a thriller! I really enjoyed Final Girls by Riley Sager.

84) Stay up too late

Every now and then it’s nice to be carefree and channel your inner teenager again.

85) Go to bed too early

Am I the only one that thinks it’s kind of wonderful to go to bed by 6 pm at least once in the fall?

86) Visit the Zoo

It’s the time of year you can really enjoy spending the entire day outside looking at the animals without feeling miserably hot. Make a special day out of it for your kids!

87) Make hand and footprint art

Check out these Fall Handprint Craft Ideas for Kids for inspiration.

88) Play dress up in Halloween costumes with your kids just for funsies

Who says Halloween costumes can only be worn on Halloween? Have some fun with your kids by playing dress up in all your favorite costumes!

89) Roast pumpkin seeds

Get the recipe here!

90) Have a family sleepover in the living room and watch movies

Inspired by my 2-year old and our couch sleepover recently! Such a fun way to connect with your kids!

91) No shave November

No shaving for an entire month? Yes, please.

92) Stay in a haunted hotel overnight

Grab a girlfriend or make it a date night at a haunted hotel. Good luck!

93) Make fall food crafts with your kids

Check out this post for 31+ Days of Kids Halloween Food Crafts.

94) Jump into a pile of leaves

Every kid needs the chance to jump into a big pile of leaves, and you do, too! You are their superhero and role model, after all!

98 great ideas to add to your fall bucket list.

95) Cook for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting your family dinner or traveling to dine with others, cook something for Thanksgiving, like this Delectable Pumpkin Poundcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. You’ll be glad you did. Start practicing your holiday meals now (and enjoy not sharing them yet)!

96) Create your family Christmas card

Take the opportunity to take some great family photos for your annual Christmas card.

97) Read books about fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with your kids

Reading with your child is such a wonderful and important activity, and here is why.

98) Start a gratitude jar with your kids

Help your kids cultivate a heart of gratitude by having them write down (or write down for them) something each day that they are thankful for.

What are your bucket list items?

Double down and create your own list with your kids. They are watching you, mama. They’ll learn from you how to be thankful and make the most of their time this season.

Make this a fall to remember! Take pictures, spread love, and connect with those you love.

Share with me your favorite fall activities below!

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